PZU headquarters to be relocated starting 2022, to offer employees a better work environment

4 February 2020 — Daniela GHETU
After 20 years, the PZU Group leaves the PZU Tower in Warsaw. The largest Polish insurer has signed a letter of intent with the Skanska Group, which assumes renting space in the Generation Park complex. Several thousand PZU employees will move to the headquarters temporary location in the second quarter of 2022.

The current PZU headquarters is located in the over 20-year-old PZU Tower in downtown Warsaw at al. Jana Pawla II 24, a building that was initially designated to serve as a hotel and redesigned for office purposes afterwards. According to the Group's statement, the project uses technologies that are currently inefficient and do not meet modern standards for office space in the field of organization and work ergonomics and environmental protection. The decision to move the PZU headquarters to a temporary headquarters is consistent with the "Green PZU" strategy adopted by the Group.

On February 4, PZU has signed a letter of intent with the Skanska Group regarding the lease of space in Generation Park. The contract period will be 10 years. During this time, the PZU Group will analyze the possibilities and decide about the future of the existing headquarters. The plot on which PZU Tower stands does not have a zoning plan, therefore the PZU Group will soon apply for a decision regarding development conditions. Only then will the decision on the future of PZU Tower be made.

A temporary change of the seat of the PZU headquarters is a new opening for us and our employees. We want to redefine thinking about the team's workplace, because our slogan #nowePZU is also a new way of thinking about the professional environment. Moving will be the next step on the way to destroy silos and build a space friendly for employees and facilitating their functioning inside the organization. We are moving to a new place, but ultimately, we want to return to John Paul II 24 - said Pawel SUROWKA, president of the board of PZU.

PZU's temporary headquarters will be located in Generation Park's building Y. The construction is currently underway, the developer anticipating its completion in the first quarter of 2021. It will take several months to finish the office space and move the PZU employees. Ultimately, the entire process of transferring some of the PZU Group employees will end in Q2 2022.

For us, real estate investment is an investment in people. We want to be a leader not only on the financial and insurance market, but also in the ranking of good employers. Our headquarters are gradually renovated to meet all safety and ecology requirements. We also try to arrange our offices in an unconventional way - added Dorota MACIEJ, a member of the management board of PZU Zycie responsible for the real estate area in the PZU Group.

The latest solutions in the field of ecology and work ergonomics have been used in building Y. Thanks to the implementation of innovative solutions that minimize the impact on the environment and affecting the comfort of work, the developers of the office building apply for LEED Core and Shell - Platinium, WELL Core and SHELL - Gold and Building Without Barrier certificates.

The developer of the Generation Park complex is the Swedish company Skanska, which implements office investments in accordance with the idea of sustainable construction. The Generation Park Y tower is the greenest skyscraper in Warsaw and is being built in Wola - in the fastest growing business district of the capital.
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