PZU launches aid for Poles in connection with the coronavirus threat

5 March 2020 — Daniela GHETU
PZU joins the fight against coronavirus in Poland, by offering free access to medical advice for all citizens whether they are PZU clients or not. PZU Zdrowie, one of the largest private medical operators, will provide free help to those who are worried about their health in connection with the threat of coronavirus.

Everyone will be able to get medical advice at a dedicated phone number. The doctors will provide phone or video consultations. "We focus on remote medical advice because it reduces the risk of the virus spreading. They do not require people who are worried about their health to visit clinics where they could infect others. Only after telemedicine consultation will the doctor decide whether it is necessary to contact the sanitary and epidemiological station and go to the hospital for infectious diseases," explains PZU Health president Julita CZYZEWSKA.

Wednesday, March 4, Poland has confirmed its first coronavirus infection. According to the Health Ministry 68 people in total have been hospitalized and are undergoing tests for suspected coronavirus in Poland, 500 have been put in domestic quarantine while over 4,459 have been placed under epidemiological supervision.

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