PZU starts using AI to handle motor insurance claims aiming for tenfold increase of process efficiency

28 March 2019 — Daniela GHETU
PZU successfully completed a pilot project of using artificial intelligence (AI) in handling motor damage claims, the company announced in a press release. PZU is the first insurer in Poland to implement this unique technology on such a scale.

The pilot phase of the innovative AI project consisted in the testing and implementation of machine learning and automatic image analysis (real-time computer vision) in the process of handling claims, and was completed successfully. The project is being developed by PZU in cooperation with a European startup.

"Artificial intelligence is no longer science fiction known from movies and books. It is widely used in everyday life, including the insurance industry. We analyze the possibilities of using the latest technologies on an ongoing basis, which will allow us not only to improve the processes we carry out, but also to improve the quality of our services. We already know that thanks to artificial intelligence and the work of the same people, we increase the effectiveness of a given element of the process tenfold while handling the damage," said Grzegorz GOLUCH, managing director for claims handling.

As part of the pilot phase of the project, cost estimates and photo documentation of over 20,000 motor damage were analyzed. Thanks to this, the AI algorithms implemented by PZU are now able not only to analyze photos documenting damage themselves, but also to name a specific part of the car, determine the extent of damage and qualify for the repair or replacement of a given component. Artificial intelligence needs only 30 seconds to analyze technical documentation. In addition, the solution will allow automated analysis of 90% of documentation that meets the necessary requirements to provide high quality damage handling at PZU. The remaining 10% documentation requiring additional expertise will be analyzed directly by PZU employees.

"The project being implemented is a book example of effective cooperation in a large organization with a startup that has fantastic technology. We are happy that the innovation will translate not only to improving the work of our employees but also to improving the quality of service from the customers' point of view," said Marcin KURCZAB, director of innovation at the PZU Innovation Laboratory.

"The use of artificial intelligence in the liquidation of motor insurance claims is one of the projects we are currently running. Within the PZU Group, there is an Innovation Laboratory whose aim is to implement modern technologies in our companies. Artificial intelligence, big data and mobile solutions are innovations that will shape the insurance industry in the near future," adds Marek BARAN, director of the Corporate Communication Office at PZU.

The PZU Group is interested in cooperation and is looking for startups offering solutions in three areas, including the use of large data sets, digitization of processes and new interactions with clients.

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