"Power shift: New expectations", the main theme of LIMRA EMEA's Life Insurance Conference 2017

Innovation is the new key to growth, and that's why this year's edition of LIMRA EMEA's Life Insurance Conference 2017 will look into the "Power shift: New expectations". The event aims to provide an overview of the latest trends and innovative solutions, by addressing relevant topics developed by experts, from underwriting to regulation and bancassurance, from management to marketing, exploring what matters most to the consumer of today and what elements of the business require fresh solutions.

The LIMRA EMEA Annual Conference is one of the leading life insurance conferences within the EMEA region. Each year LIMRA welcomes over 100 top executives from life insurance companies.

Robert KERZNER - President & CEO LIMRA LOMA LL GLOBAL - and Bernard RETALI - President LIMRA EMEA - are among the keynote speakers of this year's edition.

The participants will have the opportunity to network with peers and industry experts while being given an insight of the new trends and being informed on the best ways to deal with the challenges to come.

The Life Insurance Conference 2017 organized by LIMRA EMEA takes place in Vienna, Austria, between the 17th and the 18th of September, 2017. XPRIMM Publications support the event as Media Partner. More details are available here.

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