Prague: UNSAR is fully supporting the Insurance Europe's efforts to reduce the protection gap

2 June 2022 — Daniela GHETU
"The scale of protection gaps is huge. Given climate change, the questions is if the protection gaps can be reduced and is yes, how so. We need a collective response from all stakeholders,' Andreas BRANDSTETTER, President, Insurance Europe stated today in Prague, at the European federation of insurers' annual conference.

'The key is first of all to mitigate climate change and the insurance community is already greatly contributing to this. Reducing emissions alone will, however, not be sufficient. We are reminded every day — be it via heatwaves, wildfires or unprecedented floods — that climate change is already happening," he added.

Commenting on the issues raised by Andreas BRANDSTETTER at the beginning of Insurance Europe's Annual Conference, Adrian MARIN, the President of UNSAR - Romanian Insurers' Association commented: "Insurers have an important role in making our cities and lives more resilient and sustainable. But only by closing the protection gap we can improve prevention and mitigate risks to the benefit of consumers and society alike. UNSAR, a full member of Insurance Europe since 2006, is supporting these objectives through key financial education campaigns while member companies are making significant steps in developing a new generation of insurance products, fit for a more sustainable society".

The Romanian insurers' association is represented at the 12th Insurance Europe International Conference by Adrian Marin, President UNSAR and Alexandru CIUNCAN, General Director. XPRIMM Publications support the conference as Media Partner, represented by Daniela GHETU, Editorial Director.

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