President of the Moldavian National Commission for Financial Markets: Bancassurance will help develop the insurance market

15 November 2013 — Vlad BOLDIJAR
artur_gherman_conf_moldovaDuring the National Bancassurance Conference which took place on November 15th at Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova, over 140 representatives of the supervisors, insurers, banks and insurance brokers talked about the means to develop bancassurance, a channel still in its infancy. "The legal framework necessary for the development of bancassurance already exists. We are going through a time of reforms which aim to bring the market to international standards. Bancassurance, in the Republic of Moldova, is past its beginnings and it will bring benefits to insurers, banks and the final consumer", Artur GHERMAN, President of the Moldavian National Commission for Financial Markets (CNPF) said during the conference.

"The priority of this partnership between banks and insurers, from the CNPF's point of view is the consumer. Having in mind a series of challenges, it is important to learn how to evaluate the needs and expectations of the clients. I am convinced that bancassurance will contribute to the development of the insurance market", he added.

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