RECREX ensures the international claims management of Axeria Iard

12 October 2023 — XPRIMM Teams

RECREX Romania, a company affiliate of RECREX INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE SERVICES, has been appointed in June 2022 by Axeria Iard – Lyon to perform cross-border claims management to deliver a range of expanded services for the benefit of Axeria across Europe.

Recrex has a management capacity covering the entire European territory adapting the program to the needs and rigorous quality standards of Axeria, and the first year of collaboration was a real success. Both companies trust that this collaboration will continue to bring a new outlook to the market in terms of efficient claims handling and IT solutions in the field of claims management and the engagement to strengthen geographic operations and technical expertise across the Pan-European territory ensured by Recrex.

Amongst the array of services provided, the key ones are Third Party Administration (TPA) for Green Card claims through its own offices and strategic partners, dedicated Coordination centers in the language of the client, Coordination of legal services, and focus on Antifraud services bringing considerable benefits to Axeria Iard Lyon and Axeria Iard Bucharest Branch.

Daniela Badaluta, President of RECREX said: “We want to see this project continue to evolve and grow with the vision of the development of both parties. Recrex ensures that its approach to tailored services for Axeria will be highly focused and will contribute to its high standard provision of services. All of this is possible due to Recrex’s network of partners that share the same core principles as us defending with priority the interest of the client while having the technical capabilities to deliver a market-leading level of services to Axeria Iard.”

Sebastien Seux, CEO of Axeria IARD said: „I am delighted with our trusting partner's results and what Recrex has accomplished this first year of the agreement, the efforts and vigilance of Axeria's interests, and adapting the programs to our specific requirements and I'm confident that this partnership will continue to bring both of us benefits.”


RECREX is an Insurance Services Company serving the risk management needs of clients in Europe. Within the past year, Recrex has successfully extended its reach by developing claims management programs and services to meet the evolving needs of clients with local and global exposures. Recrex’s business units deliver fully customized programs and a superior servicing platform. With extensive coverage, best-in-class network providers, and advanced technologies, Recrex provides seamless, centralized management and operational efficiencies highly valued by the global TPA market." For more information, visit:


Axeria Iard is a French insurance company acquired by Watford Holdings Ltd ("Watford") that holds the entire capital of Axeria Iard. Established since its origin in Lyon, the company has delegations in France and Romania, thus providing a local presence and dedicated teams Axeria Iard is specialized in damage insurance, present in this market for 30 years serving the brokerage network. It capitalizes on what makes its difference and its success: a French company, agile, close, and innovative.