RISK RADAR REPORT: Insurance buyers move online permanently after a year of cultural change

24 June 2021 — Alexandra GUZUN
Global Insurance Law Connect (GLIC), a formal network of insurance law firms, has issued the Risk Radar Report which highlights the follow-on impact of the 'powering up' of digital marketing, sales and claims processing, as insurance buyers around the globe move online permanently after a year of cultural change.

The third edition of the Global Insurance Law Connect RADAR report also shows that many of the issues that the lawyers have reported as being currently critical in their markets have converged, with a truly universal focus on cyber, climate change and the impacts of the pandemic bringing new challenges to many markets.

"As you know, every member of the GILC network is a specialist in insurance, with dedicated teams who live and breathe their local insurance market. Together, we bring a uniquely skilled group of international insurance lawyers to every client that we work with; and we are delighted that this has brought us international network relationships with a number of new clients this year," stated Jim Sherwood, Chairman, Global Insurance Law Connect.

It is important that different markets share approaches, regulatory challenges and stories of innovation as per report, and this year there were up to 18 members of the network gathering insurance law updates from around the world. The new contributors which this year become part of the members were from Netherlands and Turkey, WIJ Advocaten and Durukan.

Insights of the report can be found here.

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