RMS presents at the Property Insurance Conference new solutions to manage natural catastrophe risks in the CEE

15 April 2021 — Daniela GHETU
Flood risk is in particularly important in the central and northeastern part of the CEE region, but the last decade's history shows that very few countries across the region were spared from really dramatic experiences, while most of them have seen at last a moderate flooding event each year.

Most sources are mentioning at least five major floods since 2010: 2010 - mostly affected: Slovenia, Albania, Poland, Hungary; 2012 - Romania; 2013 - Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary; 2014 - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Romania; 2016 - Austria, Romania, Macedonia.

While weather extreme events, often leading to extended floods, are becoming an increasingly frequent reality, a large part of the CEE region is still confronted with a very low level of insurance coverage for NatCat risks, especially on the housing segment. In many cases, the scarcity of data resources, flooding maps and models are significantly make more difficult insurers' task of providing affordable and well adapted products.

RMS, the world's leading catastrophe risk solutions company, has recently announced the forthcoming launch of a new suite of Climate Change Models to help customers assess the near and long-term impacts of climate change on physical assets and their businesses, in order to make the best possible risk and financial decisions. Moreover, the company's interest is expanding towards the CEE region and even further east.

On the occasion of the PROPERTY INSURANCE CONFERENCE, on April 22, Laurent MARESCOT, Senior Director, Markets and Products Expert, EMEA, RMS will present on RMS's advances in covering NatCat risk in the region, especially flood and wind/hail, as well as the recent developments in using the latest digital technologies to provide risk solutions best responding to the region's needs and specific.

The conference will be hosted on the Zoom platform and will air live on the XPRIMM YouTube Channel.

Participation to the event is free of charge, based on registration.

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