ROMANIA: Former prime minister proposes the private pensions of 7.2 million Romanians to go to a COVID-9 fund

21 April 2020 — Andrei Victor
The party led by the former prime minister Victor PONTA, PRO Romania, proposes that starting May 1st all the money destined for one year for the Pillar II of Romanian Private Pensios System to go to a special fund dedicated for the fight against Coronavirus.

The PRO Romania opposition party proposal comes a week ago as a part of a package of 15 conditions imposed by the party for extending the state of emergency: "The money will be administeredby the Govermnment to finance medical services, medicines, protective equipments, other medical devices or equipment and materials that cand be used to prevent limit, treat and combat COVID -19", announced PRO Romania,wrote here.

On April 16 2020, with a majority of votes, Romania's Parliament approved the request of president Klaus Iohannis to extend the state of emergency on Romania'sterritory for another 30 days. Of the 439 parliamentarians who voted, 404 for the decree, while 29 voted against and five abstained. ALDE and PRO Romania were the only parties that did no support the approval og the extensions of the emergency state.

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