ROMANIA: OMNIASIG VIG paid over EUR 4.2 million to victims of the 2013 bus accident in Montenegro

26 June 2014 — Vlad BOLDIJAR
accident_muntenegru1The third Romanian insurer in terms of GWP volume - OMNIASIG VIG - recently announced payments of more than EUR 4.2 million to the victims of the bus accident in Montenegro last year. According to the statement released by the insurer, the company already settled 42 cases based on the MTPL policy (out of a total of 46) for which it paid EUR 4.15 million.

"40 cases have been settled amicably and two are pending on the same path. (...)," the company noted in a press release. For the other four cases, OMNIASIG expects to "settle the claims amicably, except for the case this would not be possible and probably they will be solved by the competent courts in accordance with the law."

OMNIASIG VIG announced that the only exception is the case involving the driver of the bus, who was considered responsible for the accident and who died: "Damage claimed by his family was not settled (...). Unfortunately these claims have not been covered by the MTPL insurance."

OMNIASIG said that, based on the motor hull insurance contract that covered the vehicle, compensations of about EUR 88,000 were paid, according to the individual limits specified in the insurance policy.

On June 23rd, 2013, eighteen people died and 28 were injured in a bus crash in Montenegro. Both the bus and the passengers were Romanian. They were on a trip to the mountains of Montenegro.

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