ROMANIA: uninsured cars number constantly increasing — more than 12k fines in 2019

19 February 2020 —
Last year, the Traffic Police sanctioned more than 12 thousand drivers without MTPL insurance, according to the the figures submitted to the portal by IGPR - The General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police.

By comparison, in 2018 11,041 sanctions were applied, while in 2017 - 8,825. Thus, "in 2019 the number of contraventions applied in respect of the Law no. 132/2017 regarding the Motor TPL insurance was 12,878", the IGPR representatives declared.

According to Romanian Law, all vehicles driving on public roads have the obligation to be insured for TPL. When driving with an uninsured car, drivers can be fined as well as having the registration certificate and the plates retained until a valid policy is issued.