RUSSIA: Conference "Claims&Pays 2020. Loss settlement in insurance" to be held on September 22 in Moscow

14 September 2020 — Daniela GHETU
On September 22, 2020, Moscow will host the "Claims&Pays 2020. Loss settlement in insurance" conference, organized by the media information group "Strakhovanie segodnya" with support and participation of the All-Russian Insurance Association (ARIA). The event will be held online and offline.

The COVID-19 pandemic gave a new powerful impetus to the development and improvement of procedures and business processes in settlement and claim payment. Quarantine restrictions and self-isolation has stimulated insurance companies to introduce new approaches and find solutions, as well as had dramatically expanded use of remote examination and online settlement. The conference "Claims&Pays 2020. Loss settlement in insurance" is dedicated to the study of positive foreign and domestic experience, assessment of the impact of the pandemic, as well as acquaintance with the latest achievements in technology.

The mission of the conference "Claims&Pays 2020. Loss settlement in insurance" is to increase the level of confidence in insurance and insurance companies, improve and develop settlement processes and organize prompt and fair insurance payments.

Goals and objectives of the Claims&Pays 2020:
  1. Discussion of economic, social, regulatory and reputational aspects of effective, prompt and fair settlement in insurance;
  2. Search for ways to increase trust of policyholders and society in general in insurance industry;
  3. Study of experience in building effective systems for claim settlement and organization of payments using modern technologies.

During the conference sessions, it is planned to discuss urgent changes in the regulatory framework, practice of regulation and insurance supervision, exchange views with heads of insurance unions, representatives of government authorities and with foreign colleagues on the most significant topics:
  • settlement and payments in various types of insurance.
  • in the interest of a policyholder - consumer protection in insurance.
  • COVID-19 - stress testing of the settlement system.
  • online settlement and remote examination.
  • pre-trial settlement of insurance disputes - financial ombudsman and mediation.
  • regulatory, legal, and fiscal aspects of settlement.
  • adequate damage assessment - how to achieve and how to prove.
  • development of the regulatory framework - balancing interests of policyholders, insurers, and the state.
  • promptness and reasonableness? In search of the right priorities.
  • agent, broker, insurer, reinsurer, surveyor, and other participants of the settlement process - role, place and nature of relationship in modern conditions.
  • pandemic as an accelerator of remote settlement implementation.
  • insurance fraud at the settlement stage and payment - prevention.

The conference will be attended by key speakers representing government authorities, related ministries and departments of Russia, and public organizations. The heads of Russian and foreign professional insurance associations, organizations, leading experts and lawyers, as well as specialists from consulting, surveyor and high-tech companies, journalists from specialized media are also invited to the conference.

Additional information about the conference can be found on the event website or provided by phone: +7 (495) 682-64-53.

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