RUSSIA: INNOINS-2020 Insurance Innovations Forum to be held on June 30

19 June 2020 — press.release
The 4th Insurance Innovations Forum InnoIns-2020, organized by MIG "Insurance Today" and the Analytical Agency "BusinessDrom" with the support and participation of the All-Russian Insurance Association (ARIA) and "FinTech Lab" will be held online on June 30, 2020.

Previously, the event was scheduled for March 31, 2020, and the decision to change the format and date was taken by ARIA and the organizers of the event to support measures aimed at limitation of the coronavirus spread.

The InnoIns-2020 forum is meant to learn positive foreign and domestic experience, assess the impact of the pandemic, as well as get to know the latest technological achievements. During the meetings participants will discuss outstanding changes in the regulatory framework, regulatory practice, and insurance supervision, and will share their views with the leaders of insurance unions, representatives of authorities and foreign colleagues on the following topics:
  • Digital era in insurance - new priorities and drivers.
  • Digital risks of this era and insurers - insure others, protect yourself.
  • Global technological trends in insurance: what should Russia take a closer look at?
  • COVID-19 as an ideal stress testing - problems, discoveries, conclusions, solutions.
  • Technology and the pandemic - a benefit from a harm.
  • Ecosystems - exotic or future insurance.
  • Digital financial marketplace - role and place of insurance companies.
  • New lifestyle and consumption - will classic insurers survive?
  • Omni-channelism - what hinders introduction of omni channels in the insurance market?
  • Personal communication or bots and chants - will AI replace classic insurance agents?
  • Problems of remote identification and security.
  • Insurance in your palm: from online sales to online settlement.

Managers and representatives of the Bank of Russia, the Russian Ministry of communications and mass media, deputies of the State Duma, the Association for the development of financial technologies (FinTech), heads of Russian and foreign insurance organizations and associations, specialists from consulting and high-tech companies, and journalists from specialized media are invited to participate in InnoIns-2020.

Additional information about the Forum is available on the event website

InnoIns-2020 forum will be held from 10:00 to 18:00.

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