RUSSIA: RSHB-Life insurance has been assigned the national credit rating at ruAA

21 September 2020 — Marina MAGNAVAL
The national rating agency Expert RA, based on the assessment of the financial condition of RSHB-Life insurance, assigned the company a credit rating at ruAA level with stable outlook, the insurer informed in its press-release.

The agency noted the quality of the company's assets and the high level of their diversification, high rates of return on equity, high stock of free capital, low share of costs of doing business, the balance of the company's assets and liabilities in terms of maturity and currencies, absence of debt burden and off-balance sheet liabilities. According to Expert RA, RSHB-Life insurance has an adequate level of management, strategic support, and financial planning.

As of June 30, 2020, the company's assets amounted to RUB 17.5 billion (EUR 0.22 billion*), equity - RUB 1.1 billion, charter capital - RUB 450 million. From January to June 2020, the company's GWP reached about RUB 6 billion. RSHB-Life insurance is among TOP-10 life insurers in Russia, ranking 7th according to 1H2020 results.

* for the following exchange rate:
EUR 1 = RUB 78.9929 (as of 01.07.2020)

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