RUSSIA: The 2nd International Insurance and Reinsurance Congress "Global Objectives 2019" took place on April 10-12, 2019 in Moscow

22 April 2019 —
The Congress was supported by the All-Russian Insurance Association (ARIA), and also by the Union of Insurance Experts and Adjusters (UIEA). INGOSSTRAKH was acting as the General Partner.

The Congress combined two events: April 10-11 - the 23rd Annual Reinsurance Conference. April 12 - the 2nd Insurance Conference "Fairway of Insurance Industry Development"

The annual Reinsurance Conference traditionally consisted of a plenary discussion and practical sections and classes. The topic of the 1st part of the Plenary Discussion was devoted to the most important issues for the entire insurance and reinsurance community: industry development forecast, introduction of Solvency II, impact of global risks on business, analysis of the reinsurance market for 2018, digitalization of the document management in reinsurance.

The practical part of the Conference included: summary of the resumed conference 2019; consideration of risk assessment and risk management methods in reinsurance; discussion of the international experience in certain insurance types; Russian and international experience in the settlement of losses from business interruption.

Discussion of the main directions of development of the Russian insurance industry and the ways of their implementation became the main topic of the 2nd Insurance Conference that took place on April 12.

Plenary Session 1 included issues on the implementation of IFRS 17, the application of ARIA Basic Standards, strengthening of trust-based environment in the insurance industry, development of an electronic map of floodplains, and development of risk management services. Speeches by Igor YURGENS, the President of ARIA, on the development priorities of the industry, and Philipp GABUNIA, the Director of the Insurance Market Department of the Bank of Russia, on innovations in the model of insurers' financial stability assessment gained much attention from the audience. Plenary sessions were devoted to discussions regarding the objectives of third-party liability insurance, development of electronic insurance, and improvement of the CHI system.

The Congress gathered about 300 representatives from 15 countries of Western and Eastern Europe, Central and Southeast Asia. Managers and top managers of insurance, reinsurance, brokerage companies, adjusters, independent experts represented the main audience.

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