RUSSIA: in 2018 almost 20% of the population used voluntary insurance, of which disabled people amounted to a bit more than 9%

27 March 2019 — Marina MAGNAVAL
According to a study by the Bank of Russia on the financial accessibility for disabled persons, in 2018 "voluntary insurance services were used by 19.9% of the Russian population in general and 9.4% of disabled people, while compulsory insurance services were used by 89.1% of the population in general and by 97.9% of disabled people," the document says.

The main barriers reported by disabled people to using various insurance products, as well as a year before, were: high insurance cost (45.5% of responses); insufficient income level (40.4%), complexity of the contract terms (22.6%), frequent refusals from insurance companies (11.6%), and distrust in the insurance industry.

Compulsory medical insurance, due to its availability and specifics, was used by 98.4% of respondents with disability in 2018, MTPL by 9.5%, compulsory personal insurance by 7.2% (+2.2% y-o-y), voluntary property insurance by 5% (- 1.7%), voluntary personal insurance by 3.9%, voluntary life insurance by 2.7%, other insurance types by less than 2% of the respondents.

Full report of the Bank of Russia can be found here (in Russian only).

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