RUSSIA: in May, INGOSSTRAKH ranked 1st on the MTPL market

27 June 2019 — Marina MAGNAVAL
According to the Russian Association of Motor Insurers, in May 2019 INGOSSTRAKH became the MTPL leader in terms of number of policies and GWP, while AlfaStrakhovanie held the leading positions for the period from January to May, ASN reports.

Previously INGOSSTRAKH ranked 6th on the MTPL market in terms of the number of policies sold. In May, its share in MTPL GWP reached 14.5% (vs 8.6% a year ago).

The share of AlfaStrakhovanie on the MTPL market in May amounted to 13.3% (vs 16% a year ago). However, according to the year-to-date results (January-May) the insurer remains the MTPL leader with a share of 14.6% (vs 13.7% year-to-date share of INGOSSTRAKH).

Also in May, another company entered TOP-10 of MTPL market: TINKOFF Insurance, having moved from 38th to 9th place. The company's MTPL share reached 3.2%. However, based on the Jan-May statistics the insurer ranks 16th with a share of 1.5%, as ASN reports with reference to TASS.

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