Rates should be set by insurers, not by brokers

21 May 2012 — Mihai CRACEA
james_grindley_fiar2012"The rates issue is serious and insurers are responsible for setting the prices that can cover the risk. The decision belongs to the company, regardless of the pressure coming from the broker. Non-motor classes are becoming increasingly important. The market must be transparent and customers should understand the coverage they get and the price they need to pay", stated James GRINDLEY, Director General, CERTASIG.

"We have seen a clear segmentation in the relation with the brokers in the recent period and we have made a rather tough selection among our partners. This strategy we embrace will become more visible on the relevant market in the upcoming period. We believe this prudential policy will be reflected in the relation with our customers, too", stated Nicolae AVRAM, ALLIANZ-TIRIAC.

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