Re/insurers awarded for their 2018 activity in Italy

27 March 2019 — Daniela GHETU
On March 27 the Italy Protection Awards were held for 2018 re/insurer activity in the Italian insurance market. The ceremony was to support the insurance protection development in Italy since 2011.

Prizes were awarded in several categories, both in recognition of the companies' and insurance professionals' achievements, taking into consideration not only the choices made by the qualified jury, but also over 3,300 online votes.

Reinsurance Awards
  • Gen Re - Best Reinsurer 2018 - for transparency in customer relations and for Account Management
  • Munich Re - Best Reinsurer 2018 in Claims Management and Evaluation for Industry Experts
  • Swiss Re - Best Reinsurer based on the QR 2018 Index for Financial Strength and Quality of the Underwriting Manual
  • RGA - Best Reassurance Reinsurer by Insurance Companies based on the QR 2018 Index
  • SCOR index - Best absolute reinsurer based on the QR 2018
  • ARAG - Best Reinsurer 2018 in Legal Protection
CEO and General Managers
  • Patrick COHEN, CEO of AXA - for the ability to lead AXA Italy into a new phase of innovation and transformation
  • Andrea BATTISTA, CEO of Net Insurance - Personality 2018
  • Alessandro CASTELLANO, CEO Zurich - for a capacity for innovation and outside-the-box thinking that is impressing to the group's Italian subsidiary
  • Alberto TOSTI, General Manager, SARA Assicurazioni - for the ability to expand the business with particular attention to the new needs of Italians
  • Fabrizio CERRUTI, CEO, INCONTRA Assicurazioni - for the commitment shown in support of business growth
Other awards were granted for different categories of top-middle managers, insurance distribution services, communication campaigns, etc.

Stella AIELLO, Head of ANIA's (the Italian Insurer Association) distribution service was awarded for professionalism shown in supporting the sector, while Anna MESSIA, journalist, received a prize for competence and skills demonstrated in providing insurance related information.

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