Regina OVESNY-STRAKA, CEO of KOOPERATIVA poistovna VIG starting April 1st

2 April 2015 — Daniela GHETU
regina_ovesnyStarting April 1st, Regina OVESNY-STRAKA took over as CEO of the Slovak subsidiary of Vienna Insurance Group, KOOPERATIVA poistovna. In January Mrs. OVESNY-STRAKA was also elected by the Presidium of the Slovak Insurance Association as president of the association, for a two years mandate.

"KOOPERATIVA continues to be concentrated on growth; we focus on profit, on the economic result, of course - which means for us that we focus on effective solution of processes, as we want to make services for our clients even more effective," stated Mrs. Ovesny-Straka. "We focus on the profitable products; there, I see the biggest potential in enterprise, I see big potential in life insurance also in connection with the opening of the second pension pillar, and I see a big potential for households,"  she added.

In 2013, KOOPERATIVA ranked second on the Slovak insurance market, with a 23.45% market share and GWP amounting to about EUR 510 million. On the life insurance segment, the company held the leading position, with GWP of EUR 258.5 and an almost 21% market share, while on the non-life insurance market ranked second, accounting for almost 27% of the market GWP. KOOPERATIVA poistovna is the biggest MTPL insurance provider in Slovakia, underwriting over 37% of the total premium for this line of business.

Regina Ovesny-Straka studied Economics at the University of Economics in Vienna and developed for many years a successful career in the Austrian banking sector.

Between 2001 and 2009, she acted as Chair of the Board and Managing Director of Slovak Savings Bank and President of the Slovak Banking Association. From 2009 to 2014 held the position of Chairman of the Board and General Manager Salzburger Sparkasse. Since 2014, the Vice-President of the Board of Directors and Deputy Director General of Kooperativa insurance company. Responsible for the management of human resources, insurance operations, IT, marketing and communication, and bancassurance.

Mr. Juraj Lelkes, former CEO of KOOPERATIVA poistovna Slovakia was appointed as special advisor of VIG for Slovakia and Romania and has been authorised to re-structure the group's companies in Romania.

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