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8 May 2017 — Adina TUDOR
The low rate environment, coupled with the after effects of the recent Solvency II regulation has made it increasingly difficult for firms to meet their yield targets.

As a result, firms continue to search for yield, both in their traditional assets, but also diversifying their search to new territories in the form of alternative asset classes.

"Insurance ALM and Asset Allocation under Solvency II" Conference, organized by marcus evans and supported by XPRIMM Publications as Media Partner, will provide firms with the best practice in how to optimise capital consumption and returns under the Solvency II regime as well as generate sufficient yield to match their liabilities. Furthermore it will address the proper treatment and returns on the new mix of alternative asset classes under Solvency II regulation.

Attending this marcus evans Conference will enable the participants to:
  • See what plans are being put in place with regards to the low rate environment over 2017, including forecasts for inflation;
  • Understand the latest developments surrounding the use of alternative assets, with a particular spotlight on infrastructure investment;
  • Hear case studies on how to optimise portfolios in light of Solvency II and its capital costs;
  • Discover how the changing nature of liabilities is impacting the nature of the asset management strategies of firms.
The "Insurance ALM and Asset Allocation under Solvency II" Conference takes place on 28-29 September 2017, in London, United Kingdom.

For more information regarding this event please e-mail Constandinos Vinall at or visit the website

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