Romania, Covid-19: Employees in insurance and banking to be vaccinated in the third stage of immunization, scheduled for April

25 January 2021 —
Bankers and insurance employees which are working directly with the public will be included in the third stage for COVID 19 immunization, which is due to begin in April, according to the latest Government Decision published in the Official Gazette, local media reported.

At the end of 2020, the representatives of the two industries asked in an official letter the Romanian Government that the two financial activities to be introduced in the second stage of vaccination: "We address you in this way regarding the National Vaccination Strategy against COVID-19, as it was approved by Government Decision no. 1031/2020, in order to request your completion with the inclusion of employees from the financial, banking and insurance system, especially those who have the direct contact with the public, in the category of persons working in the vital economic sectors considered in the second stage of vaccination ", wrote here.

In mid-January, Romania entered the second stage of the vaccination campaign, targeting the high-risk population and workers in key, essential areas.

The first category includes adults over the age of 65, as well as people with chronic diseases while the second category includes the key personnel for the functioning of state institutions, personnel in the field of defence, public order, national security and the judiciary and staff in vital economic sectors as:

  • processing, distribution and marketing of staple foods;
  • water distribution plants, water treatment plants, transportation and distribution;
  • production, transport and distribution of electricity, gas, liquid and solid fuels, medicines and sanitary materials;
  • transport of persons and goods;
  • railway hubs, civil and military airports, essential ports; communications (National Telecommunications Service, National Radio and Television);
  • school and nursery staff;
  • postal and courier staff;
  • the staff of religious denominations,
  • media personnel engaged in activities with an increased risk of exposure to SARS-CoV-2 infection;
  • sanitation and waste disposal personnel.