Romania: Part of the MTPL Premiums might go to the emergency medical services

3 October 2013 — Mihai CRACEA
ambulantaA percentage of the MTPL premiums in Romania may be allocated for the emergency medical services, according to Eugen NICOLAESCU, the Romanian Health Minister. Although he hasn't spoken about a precise number, he said that the transfer could be perfected until the year's end.

"We believe that a large portion of the MTPL premiums should be transferred towards the emergency medical services. The majority of road accidents require the intervention paramedics. Probably, until the end of the year, we will clarify the technical norms of this transfer", Eugen NICOLAESCU said.

According to the annual report from the Financial Supervisory Authority, insurers paid EUR 75 million in 2012 for bodily injury claims, 22% more than the previous year.

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