Russia: SOGAZ insures ten local nuclear power plants

8 May 2014 —
sogazRussian insurance group SOGAZ has again won the annual tender to provide property insurance to all of the country's nuclear power plants. The insurance policy, valid for one year, will cover the properties against various risks including fire, flooding and explosions. The total sum insured under the policy is RUB 1.2 trillion (USD 33.7 billion), said the insurer in a statement.

SOGAZ won the tender to provide insurance cover for buildings, structures, production equipment and other assets at ten nuclear power plants operated by ROSENERGOATOM. The ten plants - BALAKOVA, BELOYARSK, BILIBINO, KALININ, KOLA, KURSK, LENINGRAD, NOVOVORONEZH, ROSTOV and SMOLENSK -, are home to all 33 of Russia's operating reactors.

The reinsurance of risks under the policy will be carried out among the members of the Russian Nuclear Insurance Pool (RNIP), international nuclear insurance pools and Russian reinsurers.

Coverage for civil liability for nuclear damage from ROSENERGOATOM's plants has been provided by the Russian Nuclear Insurance Pool (RNIP) since 1998.

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