Russian Insurance Summit 2014 brings together hundreds of participants from Russia and from its neighboring countries

8 May 2014 — Olesea ADONEV
moscova9The 12th International Conference on Insurance (Russian Insurance Summit 2014) organized by the All-Russian Insurance Association will take place in Moscow on June 5-6, 2014. XPRIMM Publications support the event as Media Partner. The International Conference on Insurance (Russian Insurance Summit) is held every year since 2002 and it is a key event of the insurance industry that brings together hundreds of participants from Russia and from its neighboring countries as well as from the countries outside the CIS.

Over a number of years these meetings and discussions are instrumental in bringing closer the standpoints in the insurance community, dovetail their interests with the interests of the state and society so as to explore and draw on the useful foreign experience and to strengthen international links. Annual international conferences on insurance facilitate the increase of significance of insurance for the economy of the Russian Federation and the integration of the industry in the world insurance market.

This year's Conference concurs with two events of importance to the Russian insurance market - the 20th anniversary of the All-Russian Insurance Association and 120th anniversary of the establishment of insurance supervision in Russia.

The 12th International Conference on Insurance (Russian Insurance Summit 2014) will be the key event in the Program dedicated to these anniversaries. It will be traditionally supported by the All-Russian Insurance Association with the support and active participation, this year, from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

The purpose of the Conference is to explore the provisional results and performance prospects of the new outline the state regulation and supervision in insurance, expect to address the implementation of the Russian Insurance Market Development Strategy for the period up to 2020.

The main topic of the Conference - "Regulation and development of insurance. Common efforts and the joint program of action by the state and the insurers".

Key questions for discussion:
  • The new approaches in the field of regulation and insurance supervision in Russia - first results, goals and objectives.
  • The development of insurance markets' regulation in Russia and abroad.
  • Ways of promoting self-regulation in insurance.
  • The strategy of developing insurance in Russia - its topicality and implementation.
  • Promotion of universal life insurance and the growth of long-term investments by the insurers.
  • Ways of getting out of the crisis and the options for developing the market of compulsory motor TPL insurance.
  • Compulsory classes of insurance (of particularly hazardous production facilities, the carrier's compulsory passenger liability insurance).
  • The prospects for introducing new compulsory, imputed or voluntary lines of insurance.
  • "Points of increase" in the insurance market - innovative strategies and technologies.
  • Society and insurers - harmonization of interests.
  • Insurance services' consumer rights protection - a trap or a development impetus?
  • Development of relations with foreign markets within the framework of the Euro-Asian Economic Community. Harmonization of insurance legislation.
  • Admission in the WTO - its effects on the current and strategic plans of Russian insurers.
Conference will be attended by the key-note speakers who represent the bodies of state power and the interested ministries and departments. Invited to the Conference also are the heads and representatives of foreign unions, associations and pools of insurers, of major insurance and re-insurance companies, international experts and analysts working in insurance, economy and finances.

For more details regarding the event, please visit:, www.конференциявсс.рф or by phone: +7 (495) 682-64-53, 686-53-38.

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