Russian National Reinsurance Company targets a global expansion

6 April 2017 — Oleg DORONCEANU, Vlad BOLDIJAR
Nikolay-Vladimirovich-GALUSHINMaybe one of the most expected discussion topics during Moscow's 21st edition of Annual Reinsurance Conference was RNRC - the Russian National Reinsurance Company -, a company with a recent start of a activity (October 2016).

We emphasize the fact that RNRC was established by The Central Bank of the Russian Federation - Russia's authority for supervising, from Moscow, the re/insurance market -, and, according to the Russian laws, all the insurance companies on the market must assign to RNRC the equivalent of at least 10% of the total value of premiums ceded in reinsurance.

"Although we've just started, we have the intention to not limit ourselves only to the Russian market. We're starting a competition with reinsurance companies from all around the world and we want to enlarge the capacity of risks taking. Thus, we've already closed an important number of agreements with international brokers", stated Nikolay Vladimirovich GALUSHIN, RNRC President.

Regarding the Russian market, "we want to becom the market's leader. Thus, we have a team consisting of professionals, which, in comparison with other companies, have the benefit of knowing the market in detail. Also, the product portfolio is a very diversified one, built on the specific needs of Russia's reinsurance market."

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