SAVE THE DATE: 8-9 April, Vienna - MOTOR and PROPERTY insurance latest trends on the IIF 2019 agenda

25 January 2019 — Adina TUDOR
The Motor Insurance Conference and the Property Insurance Forum, two of XPRIMM's well know specialized events, taking place under the International Insurance Forum brand, will be hosted, once again, by the capital city of Austria.

Taking place on 8 April and 9 April, respectively, the two events bring into debate the most important issues and challenges faces by motor and property insurers in Europe, as well as all over the world.

With well-known speakers and focusing on key topics, the events represent top-level environments for exchanging business insights on essential issues of the motor and property insurance industry, as well as an excellent meeting point with the latest trends in technological innovation. The events are completely organized for and by professionals, ensuring the highest quality in all aspects.

Motor insurance remains not only one of the insurers' main business lines, but also one of the main interaction points with mass consumers, especially in the less mature markets. Fair pricing, ease of access, efficient claims handling, added value services offered to improve road safety are all aspects of the customer-insurer interaction for which new technologies may provide significant means of gaining competitive advantage and retain the customers.

Yet, embracing the technological "revolution" should be a carefully balanced decision considering both the elating opportunities and the inherent challenges. IIF 2019 - MOTOR INSURANCE - the innovation challenge will address both sides of the decision-making process, benefitting from relevant experiences across Europe.

Climate risks have always produced high impact events, causing material and human losses that often have remained in collective memory as reference points; yet, in the recent years their catastrophic nature became increasingly threatening for the communities' resilience. By comparison, cyber risks are just emerging, but they are demonstrating already a potentially catastrophic impact which still needs to be better understood and assessed. One of the main common elements in this comparison are the insufficient preparedness and public action taken to mitigate them, as well as the significant insurance coverage gap.

In both cases, the insurance industry may play a significant role not only in covering financial losses, but also in helping public authorities and other interested bodies to better asses and manage risks. IIF 2019 - PROPERTY INSURANCE - the 2 CAT Cs: climate and cyber will address the above issues, also focusing on the role that the latest technologies may play in helping the industry to deal with the current and future challenges, thus better serving its customers.

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