13 June 2019 — Marina MAGNAVAL
DUNAV Osiguranje, the largest non-life insurance company in the Serbian insurance market, based in Belgrade supported the Srem Agricultural Fair - AGROSIRM held June 8-9 for the second consecutive year, the company stated on its website.

Nada KOVACEVIC, Director of the Main Branch of DUNAV in Sremska Mitrovica, pointed out that agriculture is one of the strategic industries in Serbia, and of economic and social importance in terms of contribution to GDP, as well as in terms of employment, which improves the standard of living.

"There are only about 12% of the used agricultural area in Serbia, while in Srem this percentage is lower and is about 10%. Climatic conditions are changing, and we all know that for serious agricultural production it is not enough just to rely on agro-technology. For this reason, DUNAV Osiguranje in cooperation with the Association of Agropress Journalists started to arrange educational seminars on agroinsurance in Serbia eight years ago. This takes time, but it leads to success. DUNAV, as the largest national insurance brand, has 37% share of crop insurance and tries to raise the awareness of agricultural producers about the importance of insurance", KOVACEVIC said.

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