SLOVAKIA: Up to 241,000 vehicles on the roads without MTPL coverage in 2018

7 March 2019 — Cosmin CONCEATU
According to the Slovak Insurers Bureau (SKP) and Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, there were around 241,000 motor vehicles without a valid MTPL policy on road in 2018. Through the Guarantee Fund, SKP paid for 2,706 claims as a result of accidents caused by uninsured vehicles.

Official data published by SKP shows that a total of 2,980,605 vehicles were insured during 2018. This reflects an increase of 4% compared to 2017. SITA Slovenska compared the 2.98 million insured vehicles with the total number of 3.22 million vehicles registered by Statistical Office in 2018. The difference suggests that 241 thousand cars (7.5% from the total car fleet) were not insured.

11 insurance companies offered MTPL contracts in 2018. Preliminary results of 2018 show that premiums level for MTPL in Slovakia reached EUR 357 million (+10% increase compared to 2017), while the paid claims reached EUR 218 million (+11%).

The average claim paid by the insurers raised to EUR 1781 per incident (+ EUR 117 more compared to 2017). A total of 149,707 road accidents events were reported to insurers, adding 5,181 more events compared to 2017.

The Guarantee Fund, administrated by SKP, had to pay for 2,706 events caused by uninsured vehicles. The total of claims paid by the Guarantee Fund reached EUR 6.7 million, showing a +221% increase. One single event caused by an uninsured vehicle has costed the Fund aprox. EUR 2.8 million.

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