STATISTICS: CEE, 1H2021: property insurance main driver of both the increasing GWP and paid claims

21 October 2021 — Daniela GHETU
STATISTICS:  CEE, 1H2021: property insurance main driver of both the increasing GWP and paid claims
GWP by insurers in the 17 CEE insurance markets wrote gross premiums worth EUR 20.75 billion, 8.3% up y-o-y, property and motor insurance lines being the main growth drivers. Paid claims decreased by almost 5% y-o-y at regional level, to EUR 11.34 billion, with property insurance lines being again the trend setter.

Poland, Czechia, Hungary, Slovenia and Romania remained the Top 5 markets in the region, maintaining the hierarchy established in 2020. They account together for about 76% of the regional GWP, each of the maintaining a regional weight almost unchanged in comparison with the previous year.

Life insurance GWP amounted to EUR 6.35 billion at regional level, 9.1% up y-o-y, reaching close, but still not equaling the pre-crisis level. At the same time, benefits and indemnities paid for life insurance increased y-o-y by 6.36%, to EUR 4.72 billion, a trend that can be explained in part by the increase in mortality caused by the pandemic, as well as by the health challenges brough by the heatwaves that hit some of the countries.

Non-life insurance GWP increased y-o-y by 7.94% in 1H2021, to EUR 14.39 billion, exceeding the 1H2019 GWP value by over EUR 900 million. While all the 17 CEE markets recorded a positive evolution on the non-life segment, the highest contributions (in absolute terms) to the about EUR 1 billion increase in premiums was provided by two markets: Poland (EUR 392.63 million) and Czechia (EUR 214.45 million). Overall, the Top 5 markets - Poland, Czechia, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia -, provided for 76% of the regional market growth. Claims paid for non-life insurance contracts went up y-o-y by 4.03%, to EUR 6.62 billion. Claims paid in Czechia for property insurance as the severe hail and frost episodes early in the tear were the main driver of the claim expenses increase.

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