STATISTICS: BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, 2008-2017: y-o-y increases on main insurance lines, MTPL dominated the market

7 March 2019 — Cosmin CONCEATU
Bosnian insurance market grew solidly y-o-y, in terms of gross written premiums (GWP), from EUR 232 million in 2008 to EUR 349 million in 2017. Around half of premiums were brought by MTPL only. Paid claims (PC) fluctuated between EUR 95 - 136 million.

In terms of GWP, the overall market rose by EUR 118 million (+50.8%) at the end of decade. In particular, the life sector grew by EUR 37 million (+111.2%), while the non-life sector grew by EUR 80 million (+40.5%).

In terms of PC, the overall market recorded an increase of EUR 36 million (+35.5%). While GWP rose constantly and almost linearly on all main insurance lines, PC evolution was more turbulent; in 2014 a spike due to an increase of EUR 19 million in property claims' level was recorded.


The life sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina increased its share in total market portfolio, from 14.6% in 2008 (also the lowest share level recorded) to 21.0% in 2015 (peak level) to 20.4% in 2017. Life insurance recorded the highest increase by far in GWP, its 2008 level (+111.2%), followed by MTPL with (+53.5%).

The non-life insurance sector was composed of 10.3-14.1% property, 11.1-15.6% motor hull, 57.6-63.2% MTPL and less than 16% other non-life classes.


The Bosnian market was largely dependent on the MTPL line. It can be said that MTPL shaped the whole Bosnian market evolution. In total GWP, MTPL represented 47.7-50.3%. MTPL's PC kept a lower share in the market, between 37.9-47.5%, representing about a third of its GWP's volume.

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