STATISTICS: CEE, 1H2019: Top 10 insurers are providing for 37% of the regional GWP, both on the life and non-life segments

24 October 2019 — Daniela GHETU
Top 10 CEE insurers accounted together for about 37% of the regional GWP, both on the life and non-life sector in 1H2019. In comparison with the previous year, Top 10's contribution to the total GWP decreased by about 0.5 pp on the life side and 1 pp for non-life.

Extending the calculation scope to Top 50, the category's share in the total GWP stays at about 65% for the life insurance sector and 68.3% for the non-life insurance segment.

Bothe on the life and non-life side, the PZU Group's companies are leading the ranking, with regional market shares of about 15% for life insurance and slightly above 11% on the non-life lines.

Eight out of the Top 10 life insurers and six of the Top 10 non-life insurers are Polish companies. Top 10 is completed by two Czech companies for life insurance and a group formed by three Czech insurers and a Slovenian one for non-life.

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