STATISTICS: CEE markets agregate GWP exeeds EUR 30 bn at end-September 2021

27 January 2022 — Andrei Victor
Thee aggregate GWP reported by the 17 CEE insurance markets totaled EUR 30.35 billion at the end of September 2021, about EUR 2.4 billion more as compared with 3Q2020 (+8.56% y-o-y), according to the quarterly market figures centralised by For the analysed period, the aggregate claims and indemnities paid by CEE insurers increased by almost EUR 1 billion to EUR 17 billion (+6% y-o-y).

Adding the GWP production posted by the other three SEE markets (Cyprus - EUR 701 million, Greece - EUR 3.16 billion, Turkey - EUR 6.85 billion), the total 9 months 2021 GWP calculated for the 20 CEESEE markets exceeds EUR 41 billion, vs. EUR 38 billion at the end of September 2020.

Xprimm centralised figures shoed that of only four CEE markets out of 17 reported 9 months 2021 GWP of over EUR 2 billion, as follows: Poland (EUR 10.98 billion), Czech Rep (EUR 5.28 billion), Hungary (EUR 2.77 billion) and Slovenia (EUR 2.03). On the other side, Kosovo (EUR 88.31 million) and Montenegro (EUR 74.43 million) were at the end of September 2021 the smallest CEE markets, with GWP less than EUR 100 million each.

Per business-lines, life insurance aggregate GWP increased by 7.7% y-o-y to EUR 9.26 billion, of which Polish insurers generated 38.6%, Czech insurers - 16.68% and Hungarian insurers - 13.33%. It is worth mentions, the CEE insurance markets that reported the larges shares of life insurance in total GWP were Hungary (44.45%), Slovak Rep. (41.73%) and Poland (32.53%).

Non-life insurance GWP totaled EUR 21.09 billion (about 9% more y-o-y), of which EUR 4.23 billion - property insurance, EUR 6.73 billion - MTPL and EUR 4.35 billion - MoD.

Access and download 3Q2021 aggregate CEE & SEE insurance market statistics - GWP, claims, growth rates, shares per countries on the following LoBs: overall, life, non-life, property, MoD and MTPL.

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