STATISTICS: CIS, 3Q2021: total GWP reached almost EUR 20 billion

20 December 2021 —
The regional CIS insurance market* at the end of the third quarter recorded an increase in EUR by almost 31% y-o-y with total GWP exceeding EUR 19.73 billion.

Paid claims also recorded a significant increase over the same period last year - by more than 35%, amounting to EUR 8.20 billion, according to xprimm statistical analysis.

Azerbaijan (+14%) saw the smallest growth (in euros) among the markets in the region under review, while the insurance sector in Uzbekistan grew by almost 60%. The regional leader - Russia grew by almost 31%. It should be noted that all the considered participants of the regional market recorded a positive result at the end of the quarter.

At the paid claims side, the smallest y-o-y growth at the end of 3Q2021 was recorded by Moldova (+2.55%), and the largest - by Uzbekistan (+57.22%). However, not all markets saw an increase in paid claims - the insurance sector of Kazakhstan had a decline by more than 21%.

* data for Turkmenistan and Tajikistan not included

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