STATISTICS: CIS region, 1Q2019: regional GWP had almost no change, while paid claims jumped by more than 22% y-o-y

18 July 2019 —
According to 1Q2019 results, the volume of the regional market remained almost unchanged y-o-y. Total GWP growth reached only 0.08% (in European currency). Regional GWP amounted to EUR 6.33 billion.

At that, almost all CIS countries recorded an upward trend, except for the largest market - Russia, which decreased by 2.67% y-o-y.

The highest growth rate was demonstrated by the Uzbek market (+45.14%), although it occupies a relatively small share in the total volume of the region. Second place in terms of growth rates was taken by Armenia (+27.39%), and the third is Ukraine (+22.76%).

Regional paid claims in total has grown rapidly (+22.17%), to EUR 2.24 billion. The largest share in paid claims belongs to the Russian market (EUR 1.9 billion), followed by Ukraine (EUR 108 million) and Belarus (EUR 65 million).

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