STATISTICS: Croatia, 3Q: Positive trend, supported by the traditional life insurance and the motor insurance lines

1 November 2018 — Daniela GHETU
The Croatian insurance market totaled after the first three quarters of 2018 GWP worth EUR 1.02 billion, 10.8% up y-o-y. Paid claims have increased y-o-y by 13%, to EUR 539.7 million. Top 3 insurers account together for over 52% of the market GWP.

The life insurance sector has conserved its portfolio share of approx. 31.5%, posting a y-o-y growth rate of 11.6%, to GWP of EUR 322.3 million, a positive trend mostly fueled by the traditional life insurance products.

On the non-life side, GWP have reached EUR 699.7 million, up by 10.45% y-o-y. Both motor insurance lines saw a positive evolution, but the most impressive growth was definitely recorded by the Motor Hull class (19.5% y-o-y). On the property insurance segment, the highest growth rate was recorded by the "damages to property" class (17.9%), file the fire insurance lines has seen a only 4.9% increase in the GWP volume.

CROATIA Osiguranje, ALLIANZ Zagreb and EUROHERC Osiguranje are forming the Top 3, with individual market shares almost unchanged as compared with September 2017. Together, the three players are controlling over 52% of the market GWP.

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