STATISTICS: ESTONIA: 9 months insurers' GWP rises EUR 10 million vs. 3Q2018

31 October 2019 — Andrei Victor
Estonian insurers posted aggregate GWP of EUR 366.6 million at the end of September 2019, up by EUR 10 million as compared with 3Q2018, according to quarterly market figures published by the Estonian National Statistics Board.

The total value of life GWP was up by 0.5% y-o-y to EUR 66.6 million (of which EUR 22.6 million generated by unit-linked products), while the non-life segment totaled EUR 300 million, or 3.3%more y-o-y. Among all non-life insurance classes, the largest weight in GWP were reported by the two motor classes (Motor hull and Motor TPL), which generated together about EUR 174 million (more than 47.5% of total market).

Of all five life insurers, the market leader was SWEDBANK Life Insurance SE (41.7% market share), while Estonia's market leader in non-life insurance was If P&C Insurance AS (18.6%).

Note: The figures published by the Estonian National Statistics Board - reflects the performance of Estonian insurers and other EU branches - for the insured risks only in Estonia. The FSA figures reflect the performance of the insurers registered in Estonia - including their cross- border business.

Access and download the 3Q2019 Estonian insurance market statistics.

  • Aggregate market portfolio (GWP, claims, growth rates)
  • Life & non-life rankings (GWP, claims, growth rates, market shares)

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