STATISTICS: ESTONIA, FY2017: Non-life business pushed the market growth-rate in the "double digit area"

8 February 2018 — Vlad BOLDIJAR

Estonian insurers reported aggregate FY2017 GWP of EUR 427.3 million, up by 10.1% y-o-y, according to the market figures revealed on the website of the Estonian National Statistics Board.

Life GWP increased by 6.5% y-o-y, to EUR 91.3 million (21.4% of the total market), while Estonian general insurers posted aggregate GWP of EUR 336 million, 11.1% more y-o-y.

On the life segment, the largest share was held by unit-linked products (GWP of EUR 33.6 million), followed by pension insurance (EUR 22.1 million). In case of non-life subsclasses, the largest portfolio shares were accounted by MoD sub-class (GWP of EUR 109.8 million), Motor TPL (EUR 93.1 million) and property insurance (EUR 85.8 million).

Out of all five life insurers, in terms of GWP, the largest insurer in the country was SWEDBANK Life Insurance SE (40.8% market share), while the country's market leader in non-life insurance was If P&C Insurance AS (21.5% market share),

Note: The figures published by the Estonian National Statistics Board reflect the performance of Estonian insurers and other EU branches - for the insured risks only in Estonia (excluding the cross-border business).

Access and download the FY2017 Estonian insurance market statistics.

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