STATISTICS: KOSOVO, 2008-2017: From MTPL exclusive to a more diverse market

4 April 2019 —
STATISTICS: KOSOVO, 2008-2017: From MTPL exclusive to a more diverse market
Between 2008-2017, Kosovo non-life insurance market increased by EUR 28.5 million (+50.6%) in terms of GWP. Paid claims volume rose as well, with Kosovo recording an increase in claims by EUR 24.5 million (+138.4%).


MTPL has kept a very consistent share in the market the whole decade. However, while MTPL (internal and border) maintained a slow growth year by year, increasing by EUR 8.2 million (+17.6%), other non-life business lines flourished, propelling the whole Kosovan market upwards. The rest of non-life sector (excluding MTPL) increased by EUR 20.4 million (+205.9%).

While MTPL mostly increased in GWP y-o-y, its share in non-life total slowly decreased over time, due to other non-life classes emerging in the market, which increased at a much higher rate and volume, making the MTPL business line appear stagnated.



Domestic MTPL GWP dropped from a share in non-life of 63.1% in 2008, to a share of 52.9% in 2014 (the lowest point) to a 56.0% share in 2017. In local currency, domestic MTPL GWP stood between EUR 35.6-47.6 million, with an upward tendency. Internal MTPL claims decreased as well, from 83.1% in 2008 to 55.7% in 2013 (lowest share point), increasing the following years to 61.2% in 2017.

Border MTPL weighed between 8.4-19.4% in total non-life GWP. The branch GWP fluctuated between EUR 6.9-14.7 million, while its claims stood between EUR 0.9-1.5 million.

Other non-life business lines increased their GWP share in non-life, from 17.5% in 2008 (EUR 9.9 million) to 35.6% (EUR 30.2 million) in the final year. Their claims have ranged between 11.0-41.1% from total non-life claims.

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