STATISTICS: KOSOVO 3Q insurance market down by 0.3% y-o-y

In 3Q 2015 the Kosovo insurers reported a slight y-o-y decrease in GWP, of 0.27%, to EUR 61.03 million, as the Central Bank data showed (Note: The figures presented by CBK include only the insurers' activity on non-life segment). Claims paid by local insurers for this period increased significantly by 17.54% y-o-y to EUR 23.07 million.

Overall, MTPL premiums accounted for about 70% of total GWP, of which a share of 55% was accounted by third party liability policies, while the share of Border policies GWP was close to 15%. Other types of voluntary segments accounted for ~30% of total market.

In the analyzed period, the total number of policies sold by insurance companies amounted to 784.86 thousand compared to 765.71 thousand policies during January-September 2014. Of total, 268 thousand were Motor third party liability policies (4% more), 373.64 thousand - Border policies (down by 1.8%) and 142.91 thousand other types of voluntary policies (up by 12.5%).

Access and download the 3Q2015 Kosovo insurance market statistics.

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