STATISTICS: LITHUANIA, FY2014: Insurance market development is likely to surpass the growth rate of the domestic economy

Driven by a recovery in the economy and an almost 7% increase over 2014, the insurance market this year is likely to maintain a similar growth rate, forecasts the Bank of Lithuania.

"Growth is projected across the insurance market; however, the strong growth in life assurance last year will be somewhat moderate this year, while the non-life insurance sector, in 2014 affected by falls in prices and strong competition, is likely to grow faster," says Mindaugas SALCIUS, Deputy Director of the Prudential Supervision Department of the Supervision Service at the Bank of Lithuania.

The following report was released by the Bank of Lithuania.

The Bank of Lithuania predicts that, if the trends in the development of the domestic economy remain similar, in 2015 the entire insurance market will grow by 7-8%. The economists at the Bank of Lithuania predict the country's economic development this year to be 3.1%. The life assurance market volumes are likely to expand by 14-15%, while the non-life insurance market - by 4-5%.

The insurance undertakings registered in Lithuania and the branches of insurance undertakings of other EU countries established in Lithuania wrote insurance premiums in the amount of LTL 2,079.4 million (EUR 602.2 million), while the growth in the entire insurance market was 6.9% in 2014.

The amount of written life assurance premiums rose by 18.6%, to LTL 742.5 million (EUR 215 million). The amount of premiums written within the largest life assurance class - unit-linked life assurance - increased by 19.2%, to LTL 523.3 million (EUR 151.6 million). Within this group, particularly strong growth of single insurance premiums was distinguished; their amount boosted by 40.6% - to LTL 31.0 million (EUR 9 million).

Due to particularly strong competition in the non-life insurance market in 2014, the fees on a number of non-life insurance types declined, this being the reason why the insurance volumes within this of class developed at a far slower rate than in life assurance. The amount of premiums written in the non-life insurance sector last year stood at LTL 1,336.9 million (EUR 387.2 million), an increase of 1.3% year on year. The major contribution to moderate growth in non-life insurance volumes stemmed from a decline in transport-related insurance type premiums written. The growth rate of the premiums written within the property insurance class continued to be the highest in the non-life insurance market - 7.8%.

Access and download the FY2014 Lithuanian insurance market statistics.

Market portfolio (in EUR and LTL):
  • Gross written premiums
  • Paid claims
  • Growth rates
Market rankings (GWP/Claims/Market shares/Growth rates - in EUR and LTL):
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