STATISTICS: POLAND, 2008-2017 timeline: motor lines took over the trendsetter role after 2015

13 December 2018 — Daniela GHETU, Cosmin CONCEATU
As the XPRIMM 10 years GWP timeline for Poland shows, the local insurance market needed about 10 years to regain and exceed its pre-crisis level: GWP of EUR 14.95 billion in 2017 vs. EUR 14.2 billion in 2008.

Life insurance, usually the market driver, has lost its traditional trendsetting role in favor of the motor insurance line, especially MTPL, after 2015. Since then, the upswing trend in non-life driven by MTPL has managed to offset the continuously declining business volume in life insurance, thus helping the market to return on a positive track.

It is worth noting that throughout the last decade the market evolution didn't take a pure "V" curve, but a rather oscillatory line, with ups and downs, but it never succeeded to really return to the pre-crisis level, except for 2012, when the charts show a "peak" which was rather a currency effect (the Polish zloty gained ~8% against EUR, y-o-y) than a real market growth peak.

Claims paid recorded opposite evolutions on the main two market segments, declining on the life side and increasing on the non-life lines. The result was a quasi-stable volume of paid claims, in the vicinity of EUR 9 billion.
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