STATISTICS: POLAND FY2014: decreasing trend continued both in business volume and aggregated net profit terms

2 April 2015 — Daniela GHETU
The Polish insurance market preserved in 2014 the downward trend established in the previous year, with GWP recording a 5% decrease (in local currency) of the overall GWP volume (7.65% in euro), to PLN 54.9 billion (EUR 12.89 billion). Life insurance segment continued to see substantial reduction in GWP, although to a less dramatic pace than one year ago (-8.3% in 2014; - 14.06% in 2013 in Polish zloty - PLN).

The most substantial decrease in GWP was recorded by the class1 segment which recorded a 19% fall in GWP, to PLN 10.6 billion, mostly as a result of the decreasing popularity of the short-term life insurance products with an investment component.

Indemnities paid for life insurance also decreased by about 12%, to PLN 20.35 billion, the most important reduction being also recorded for the Class 1 contracts (~23% y-o-y, to PLN 10.5 billion).

On the non-life insurance segment, the total decrease in GWP was less impressive, of only 1.3% y-o-y in PLN, to PLN 26.23 billion (~4% fall y-o-y in euro, to EUR 6.16 billion). Both property and motor insurance segments saw an about 3.5% decrease in the GWP volume, while classes with a low presence in the market portfolio - as suretyship, financial loss or travel insurance recorded double digit growth rates. Yet, these classes, although slightly improving their portfolio share, are still accounting all together for less than 5% of the market GWP.

Claims paid for non-life insurance contracts augmented by 0.75%, to PLN 13.8 billion, mainly as a result of the almost 7% increase of the MTPL claims volume. On the property insurance side, a relatively calm 2014 in terms of weather events, led to a decreasing claims volume, especially on the fire insurance class.

The aggregated balance on the Polish market technical account stood at PLN 4.05 billion, 5% down y-o-y. The consolidated net profit amounted to PLN 6.79 billion, ~23% less y-o-y, with both technical account and investment income recording lower figures than in 2013.

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