STATISTICS: Property insurance in CEE: stagnant business levels, except for Poland and the Czech Republic

The property insurance classes (including class 8 "fire & allied perils" and class 9 "other damages to property") saw in 3Q2015 a mostly stagnant evolution in the CEE region, with insignificant positive ir negative y-o-y changes in the premium volume in all countries, except for Poland and the Czech Republic.

The overall GWP volume reached EUR 3.1 billion, which is only by EUR 37 million higher than in 3Q2014. Claims paid also didn't change much, increasing overall by 0.7%, to EUR 1.2 billion. Still, the effect of the flooding which affected Albania in February and Macedonia, both in February and August, is visible in the countries' claims figures, although they are too small to significantly affect the grand total.

Poland saw a 2.94% decrease in the property GWP, while the Czech market recorded a 5.57% y-o-y increase, which are both resulting in the only significant GWP variations in absolute terms seen across the region.

Access and download the 3Q2015 CEE insurance market statistics:

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