STATISTICS: Regional CEE, SEE & CIS insurance markets statistics 1H2015 available online for xprimm subscribers

The CEE insurance industry saw a 0.65% average growth rate in 1H2015, to a total GWP volume of EUR 16,655.8 million. The Czech Republic and Slovakia were the only countries ending the first half of the year with a negative change in GWP, of 4.99% and 2.8% respectively. In both cases the life insurance segment is entirely responsible for the negative trend.

On the positive side, Albania and Serbia recorded the best dynamics, both of them benefiting in a high degree from the MTPL line growth. In addition, the Serbian market also saw a double digit increase in the life insurance GWP.

Unlike all other periods, this time Poland, the leading regional market, had a little say in on the region's evolution, as its GWP volume remained almost unchanged in 1H2015, as compared with 1H2014.

Claims paid by the CEE insurers went up by 2%, to EUR 9,910.45 million, a large part of the claims expenses' increase coming from the compensations paid for the property insurance lines in Bulgaria and the ex-Yugoslavian area. The almost EUR 100 million increase in the claims paid by the Polish insurers for the MTPL line had also a significant contribution to the total increase.

As far as the SEE and CIS regions are concerned, it is hard to speak about them in regional terms, as both are fully dominated, in GWP terms, by the Turkish and Russian insurance markets, respectively, while on other respects the diversity makes almost impossible any consolidation. As such, the country by country approach remains the only correct one. In this context, the two "protagonists" have seen in 1H2014 a very different evolution: while Turkey continued its constant growth, although at somehow more modest rates as compared with the previous periods, Russia continued to hold its unchallenged dominant position in the CIS, in GWP terms, but recorded the poorest dynamic in the last years.

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