STATISTICS: SLOVENIA, Q1: Two regional players, TRIGLAV and SAVA control almost half of market

27 June 2019 — Andrei Victor
The GWP value of Slovenian insurers totaled EUR 672.7 million in the first quarter of 2019, a 4.6% increase y-o-y, according to the Slovenian Insurance Association's most recent report. Non-life insurance made up 72.2% of total GWP, while the share of life insurance premiums was 27.8%.

In terms of paid claims, the aggregate value was ~EUR 400 million, of which about EUR 135 million - life indemnities, EUR 123 million - health claims, and EUR 91 million - claims paid related to motor classes (MTPL and MoD, summed).

A total of 19 insurers provided Q1 financial figures to Slovenian Insurance Association. In terms of GWP, Slovenia's market leader was Zavarovalnica TRIGLAV with a 28.2% market share - the equivalent of ~EUR 180 million in GWP. Zavarovalnica SAVA (18.1% market share) and ADRIATIC SLOVENICA Zavarovalna druzba - recently acquired by Italian GENERALI Group - 12.2% market share.

Access and download 1Q2019 Slovenian insurance market statistics.

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