STATISTICS: Slovakias' FY2018 aggregate figures see slight increase despite the "red rates" reported on life LoB

25 April 2019 — Andrei Victor
At the end of 2018 the Slovak insurance market totaled EUR 2.20 billion vs. EUR 2.16 billion a year before, according to the preliminary figures provided by the National Bank of Slovakia (NBS).

The life insurance segment experienced a negative rate of 4.26% y-o-y to EUR 1.02 billion - due the 6% decrease reported by the policies with profit participation, while the non-life classes accounted for EUR 1.18 million, or 7.90% more y-o-y.

Overall the value of paid claims by local insurers increased by more than EUR 100 million to EUR 1.32 billion, of which EUR 741 million related to life indemnities.

Access and download the FY2018 Slovak insurance market statistics.

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