STATISTICS: TAJIKISTAN, 3Q2018: the market went up by more than 51% as compared to the first half year result

19 December 2018 — Marina MAGNAVAL
For 9 months of 2018 Tajik insurers generated GWP in the amount of TJS 141.97 million (EUR 13.32 million), TJS 34.01 million from which were ceded in reinsurance (in voluntary classes only), as the data of the National Bank of Tajikistan show.

The biggest market share is kept by voluntary insurance (almost 70%), compulsory state insurance accounts for less than 1% and other compulsory insurance - about 30%. For 3 quarters the insurers paid TJS 7.37 million (EUR 0.69 million), at that the biggest portion of the paid claims was made by voluntary classes accordingly.

Total number of the concluded contracts for 9 months amounted to 1,285,019 units. SUGURTAI AVVALINIMILLI became the market leader in terms of assets (TJS 105.93 million), taking this place from SPITAMEN-SUGURTA, which keeps dominating in terms of charter capital (TJS 87.74 million). In terms of obligations the leader is still SUGURTAI AVVALINIMILLI (TJS 76.21 million).

Total number of insurance organizations in Tajikistan as of the end of the 3rd quarter went down to 18: 2 - state, 15- non-state and 1 mutual insurance company. For 3Q2018 1 insurance broker left the market. Total number of the market players keeps decreasing. It will be recalled that as of the end of March this year total number of insurance organizations was 22.

Access and download 3Q2018 Tajik insurance market statistics.

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