STATISTICS: TAJIKISTAN, FY2021: voluntary insurance increased by more than 33% y-o-y

17 May 2022 — Marina MAGNAVAL
According to the results of 2021, the insurance sector of Tajikistan amounted to TJS 287 million (EUR 22.43 million), which is 21.7% more than in 2020, according to the data published in the report of the National Bank.

In 2021, compulsory state insurance and other compulsory insurance amounted to TJS 1,035.5 thousand and TJS 61 million respectively, which is 5.3% more for compulsory state insurance, and 8.4% less for other compulsory insurance compared to the previous year. Voluntary insurance amounted to 78.4% of the total market portfolio. Voluntary insurance grew by 33.7% y-o-y, which indicates that this form of insurance is developing dynamically in the country. According to the regulator, insurance organizations currently provide services to policyholders in more than 130 types of voluntary insurance.

Paid claims increased by 4.8 times at the end of the year. The ratio of paid claims and compensations for 2021 amounted to 7.8% of the total GWP, which is 0.3% less than in 2020. In voluntary insurance paid claims amounted to 97.3% of the total market volume. While paid claims under compulsory state insurance and other compulsory insurance increased by 45.2% and 36.6%, respectively, compared to 2020.

Access and download the Tajikistan insurance market statistics for 2021.

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